[official releases]
release datetitlelengthlabelgenre
2010·09·19[story so far, the]LPearsauceindie/electronic
2008·02·20[millions never tried]EPkahviidm
2007·02·14[sinister device]LPkikapuchill/idm
2005·10·12[safety glass]EPkikapuidm
2005·01·17[fish food]EPlifeform projectbreakbeat/idm
[original unreleased songs]
[stop to be me]n/afolk
[death by chocolate]n/aidm
[christopher(v2)]n/afake jazz
[unfortunate tweest]n/aambient
[e.b.o.a.]eli carlyleidm
[neon tar]n/aelectronic
[temporary undertaker]n/aambient
[a stiff drink]n/afake jazz
[covers and remixes]
previewsongoriginal artist
[father and son]cat stevens
[shadows in a shoebox]matthew santos
[if i were a carpenter]tim hardin
[bridges and balloons]joanna newsom
[end of the movie]cake
[fake plastic trees]radiohead
[redemption song]bob marley
[hurt]nine inch nails
[1/1]brian eno
[to sing for you]donovan
[love minus zero/no limit]bob dylan
[it's a small world]sherman brothers
[glenn tipton]sun kil moon
[juliet has a gun]kerry overby
[other affiliations]
[two brothers]